Visiting Four Corners Monument

What else to do at Four Corners other than lay down and take a picture?

The Four Corners Monument is pretty much in the middle of no where, which makes it perfect if you’re already on the road and ready for a break and a fun novelty stop. However, going to Four Corners has been on my bucket list for years and as the time approaches for me to leave the US and travel the world I realized I needed to start knocking out all these little nearby things I’ve wanted to see and do. In a matter of 2 1/2 days I think my friends and I spend a good 12-15 hours in the car, and the monument itself might seem a little anti-climactic.

Take a less conventional photo, where others may not take the time to stop.


I decided to take advantage of every photo op I could get my friends to agree to and in retrospect I am really glad I did, I appreciate my friends being so willing and easy going. This was my first “trip” after starting this blog and knowing that I wanted to share it here made it a lot easier to spot fun pictures.

I know everyone goes to take the typical ‘look I’m in four places at once photo’ and honestly without explaining or already knowing what Four Corners is, some people might not know why we are laying on the ground looking so pleased with ourselves. So I figured we should take one in front of the welcome sign that clearly states where we are.


Eat the local food, since the monument is actually located in Navajo nation so naturally there is yummy fry bread and Navajo tacos that we just couldn’t resist… it’s the culture right?


Nate was really excited about his Navajo Taco and it was seriously delicious! I highly recommend taking a sit down to enjoy the delicious local foods! When I was in college I had a roommate who came from Native American heritage and she used to make us fry bread all the time. Which they also make at four corners and comes with some dessert toppings for those with a sweet tooth.

Navajo Taco


We were there on a pretty slow day so not all of the little shops selling jewelry, trinkets, arrows and other memorabilia were open but there were a few and I even found hand carved Christmas ornaments. I had secretly hoped they would have some but didn’t want to get my hopes up and wouldn’t you know it they were unique and absolutely gorgeous!

The lady who hand carves these ornaments, pottery and other hand made items also has a pottery website here named, Yabeny Pottery. She was very kind and helpful!


I’m so happy with my ornament, its handmade, made from local product, sold by the artist independently, states where & when I was there and even has her company name.

Everything I love in the treasures I’ll have forever!


Have you ever been to four corners? What was your favorite part?