The 15 day International Travel Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Did you have any milestones or firsts while traveling or living abroad?

Honestly, if I travel and don't have a first or a milestone while I am there, it isn't a trip I'm looking forward to. I wanna see new things, learn new things, try new things. Otherwise what's the point?

So instead of picking just one, here are 15!

1) The first time I traveled to one of the worlds greatest wonders.


2) My first tradition for christmas, collecting an ornament each time I travel. It brings happiness to a holiday I'm not fond of. Thanks to my sister, it was her idea & I can't imagine holidays without it!

3) I first started to appreciate the concepts of living more with less as traveling has become a bigger & more influential force in my life. 

Dalai money

4) When I first learned that travelling was my passion & made me happy!

5) Living in Russia was the first time I realized I needed to learn to cook the food I like so I don't have to wait until next time i'm there.

6) The first time I traveled to a country without religious freedom, in Palestine & Israel.

Freedom B&W

7) When traveling I learned firsthand that translation doesn't have to be through words in the same language, emotion & humanity are an international language.

8) The first time I went out of state on vacation with my mom, saw a 'big city' play, went shopping on Michican Ave. in Chicago, fell in love with Crate & Barrel, visited & purchased something at Tiffany & Co.

9) Traveling taught me for the first time what fair trade is ans why its important.






10) I first learned about Kiva & its crucial role in crushing economies. Not the American economy's version, the third world version. 




11) My first time having street tacos & ordering fresh fruit on the beach.

Ice Cream in Lithuania



12) The first time I had the best ice cream ever in Lithuania!







13) The first time I learned what a permaculture farm is in Bethlehem.


14) The first time I found myself sitting around a large hookah with five Palestinian men learning about the stuggles of leading a family into uncertain times.

15) The first time I had to learn where an American Embassy was.


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What firsts or milestones have you had while traveling or living abroad?