I’m a list maker… and need your vote!

For my 25th birthday I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 26 and every few months I like to update the list with my progress. In two months I had accomplished 4 goals and now I have even more to cross off!

13. Get a new Tattoo.  I’d been dreaming of getting my compass rose tattoo for at least a year, and am so excited to finally have it finished!

9. Build my Savings. I’ve finally reached a point where I can start building my savings to sustain my travels. This will be the account my student loans and residual bills will be paid from while I am out of the country. I’ve received a lot of questions about my financial planning, keep an eye out for a post soon and if there is a question you’d like answered please leave it in the comments below.

16. Watch a movie during Sundance. Can you believe I have lived in Utah for over a decade and never once have I been to a Sundance film?? I can now, getting tickets was such a process!

I saw 5 Broken Cameras which is a film about weekly protests in Bil’in, Palestine, against the Israeli occupation. I participated in a protest during my stay in Palestine during 2009.


24. Document my Christmas ornaments. An aspect of my traveling dreams is that I can’t possibly travel with everything I own, as minimal as that may be. My Christmas ornaments are from my travels, that’s the souvenir I always buy for myself and they will be staying behind in my mothers care. I’ve now organized and photographed each ornament so in the event something happens to them I’ll have something to remember each of them. Christmas 2012 may have a ‘digital decorating’ of the tree too!

25. Go to a Utah Jazz basketball game. I hadn’t been to a game in several years and really wanted my list to incorporate a lot of ‘Utah’ activities.

15. Grow & Improve my Blog. This is a daily effort, and I’m thrilled with the shape that my blogging endeavor has taken. Among some of the latest developments has been:

        - A twitter account. Follow @heathertravels

        - Guest posts. a few more are in the works too!

                -  Lessons from my First 6 month of Travel Blogging

                -  Tips from my First 6 months of Travel Blogging 

                - 5 ways to beat being homesick

        - Heathers Harmony accepts guest posts and would love your support & participation! For more information and details Download Writing a guest post

     - HeathersHarmony was nominated (and won!) Top 100 Exchange & Experience blogs of 2012. To see the final results go here.

HeathersHarmony has also met and surpassed some goals I’d set which proves to be very fulfilling!

This time of year it seems most people have made goals for themselves, how about you? What were your goals and have you been making progress?