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Guest Post: Sports Tours Around the World

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Sports Tours Around the World

Sports tours are an ideal way for students interested in a particular sport to showcase their prowess and experience the world at the same time. However, choosing the right destination for a sporting tour can be tricky. Here is a look at some of the top destinations for such trips.

South Africa and France for Rugby and Cricket

South Africa is an excellent choice for rugby and cricket tours. When choosing a destination, it’s important to opt for a place where the sport holds not just a cultural value but also a historical one. A sports tour can become educational if there is a strong historical background for a particular sport. In South Africa, cricket and rugby are held in great regard, with both being considered as national sports.

Football and rugby are thought to be the top sports in France, with both having grown in popularity in this country over the last decade or so. There is a fantastic stadium in Paris which those on sports tours can visit, allowing them to see the variations in how such sports are played in a different country.

Ice Hockey in the Czech Republic

For coaches and teachers who want their sports teams to experience a historically diverse location with a rich sporting heritage, the Czech Republic and more specifically Prague, is ideal. The city is divided into two very distinct areas – one which contains the older buildings in Prague and the other which contains the modern parts of the city. Together these two areas have plenty to offer students on sport tours, both in terms of participation in sports and from an educational perspective. Ice hockey is a national sport in the Czech Republic and there are ice rinks in Prague for students to practise and compete on. The city is home to the Sazka Arena, which was built specifically for the Men’s International Ice Hockey Championships of 2004. The Czech Republic is also home to 17 rugby stadiums.
Sports Tours in the United States

Tampa in the US is another fantastic destination for American school trips to sports venues. The Outback Bowl, which is held each year, provides students with an incredible opportunity to experience what it’s like to stand in such a historical sporting venue where so many world-famous teams have played over the years. School marching bands can display their talents at this event to an audience of more than 65,000 people and the winning band will be included as part of the pre-show performances.

Regardless of which destination is chosen for a school sports tour, a good itinerary should always include a blend of historical and cultural activities as well as sporting fixtures and plenty of free time for the students to explore the area independently. Professional travel companies will be able to arrange every aspect of these school trips for those with a range of budgets, with flights, accommodation and meals included.

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