Wagen = Wagon 21 and Sitzplatz= Seat 16

Heather 1 vs. First European Train Ride 0

My venture into Hamburg alone for the first time was an intimidating experience. I was lucky enough to have my dear friend Janne offer to let me stay with her and show me around for a few days before escaping to the countryside for her brother’s wedding, I couldn’t have planned the beginning of my first solo trip better if I’d tried.

I spent the morning before my flight with friends and family before my brothers took me to the airport and before I knew it I was on a plane leaving my home of almost 20 years. Each and every moment is full of overwhelming emotion, several times I have tried to put into words what this feels like and still… I’ve got nothing. There is no possible way I can ever truly explain what it is like to be living my dreams, to work so hard for something and at times doubting that I had the strength to follow through. Surreal is a good word at times.

I am writing to you from my very first European train ride from Hamburg, Germany to Vienna, Austria I was so nervous about missing my train and my reservation ticket didn’t have any English on it so I was totally lost and confused. Fortunately I figured out how to decipher a schedule posted in the station, found my error and just barely made my train.

Wagen = Wagon 21 and Sitzplatz= Seat 16

It was so noisy in the train station I couldn’t understand where on the platform I should wait to board the right wagon (cart) and ended up on the completely wrong end and had to walk through the entire train while trying not to hit too many people with my backpack (much more of a task than it sounds)!

But alas, here I am safe and sound in my designated seat as the German countryside confirms all my suspicions that riding during the day would pay off rather than sleeping through its beaming crop fields, deep green tree covered hills, quaint brick infused villages and bright blue sky.

I am traveling intuitively, which means that I have no plans and can very easily change locations whenever I feel like it however, there is a downside to traveling this way. Europe is beautiful and idyllic and every turn so deciding where to go is a overwhelming! I was waiting for a sign of where I should go next and nothing really spoke to me so I asked my facebook fans what they thought and the first response was Vienna so I booked my train ticket, found a couchsurfing friend to stay with and viola!

I’m ready to discover Vienna, Austria!


What are your thoughts?