No Women Allowed

Innocence is No Where to be Found After a Visit to Germany’s Red Light District

What happens when a girl raised in the conservative thresholds of the Mormon church encounters one of the most risqué districts in all of Germany.

All innocence is lost.

My friend warns me as we begin to approach Hamburg’s Reeperbahn (Red Light District) that all women wearing fanny packs are in fact prostitutes and to my surprise there are dozens of young women sporting the out of date 80’s staple. I am surprised at how many there are and they don’t just make cat calls to the men on the sidewalk and across the street in German but also in English “Ooooo, don’t be so shy, come here baby!”  Most men glance in their direction but give no real attention to their calls for company that evening.

No Women Allowed

Soon we approach an ally way which I am informed is only for men of age, women and children are not allowed and even though it is a public street if you dared to pass through these red doors you can expect name calling and buckets of water to be thrown your way. Past these doors are women, clothed or unclothed I’ll never know, dancing in windows with what I can only presume are decorated in notorious red colored lights. Being from a country where prostitution isn’t legal (except for a few counties in Nevada) I wonder how many of these men really pursue physical affections from these women and what benefits are to be had from its availability. It feels odd not to be acknowledged by the men or the women, not that I make it a habit of wishing for such attentions but it is noteworthy that unless you are selling or buying physical affection you need only continue on your way, so we did.

My friend informs me that no trip is complete without 1: a shot called the “Mexican” a delicious shot similar to that of a bloody mary from what appears to be a complete and total dive bar by the name of Lucky Star.

2: A trip to a sex shop. Yep, little did I know that during my first week in Europe and as an expat I’d be visiting a sex shop!

We make our way to the more classy appearing shops known as the “Erotica Boutique Bizarre” and bizarre it was! I won’t go into details but let’s just say that I learned a lot about peoples varying sexual desires and I pride myself on not having a single clue to what some of the items were. I made a half hazard comment to my friend about what a terrible marketing and sales department this store had because I needed a picture or instruction manual for at least half of what we saw and none were available. I suppose I really owe them a thank you for that!

It is also worthy to note that just as I stepped back to take a photo of the boutique that claimed my innocence a couple (easily old enough to be my parents) walked up to the window, started discussing in a language I didn’t know and then promptly walked inside.


Will Hamburg’s Reeperbahn make it on your list of places to visit?


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6 comments on “Innocence is No Where to be Found After a Visit to Germany’s Red Light District

  1. Interesting choice of places to explore. Really, what modern progressive country shouldn’t allow consenting adults to exchange money for bodily fluid extrusion? To me the practice of banning prostitutes is barbaric. I know that there are a lot of women that are trafficked in to areas where it iis illegal to exchange money for sexual services; however, I think that that forcing people into sex services would be a lot more noticable if it were an enterprise that recognized as legitimate under the law.

  2. How strange about the “no women allowed” street. It’s hard to believe there are still practices like this but Europe is certainly not for the innocent in many places!

    • Yeah, that is very true! I was surprised but after all learning about new places and cultures is what traveling is all about!

  3. This is very reminiscent of my first trip to Germany. My friend ended up booking us a hostel in the middle of Frankfurt’s red light district. We were in for quite the surprise. It even felt awkward walking around during the day because they had sex shops on every street corner!

  4. I remember feeling the exact same way when I had accidentally wandered into Amsterdam’s red light district!! Although, they DO allow women to walk freely through the area, and, yes the windows are adorned with the “notorious red lights”,lol :)

  5. Interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been only to East Germany. My friends and I stayed in Frieberg and it was so peaceful there, no prostitutes whatsoever. Keep sharing your experience.

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