Falling in Love with Iceland’s Most Famous Attraction

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Several months ago while sitting at my work desk dreaming about the day I would finally get to travel to unknown places and discover some of the world’s greatest sights I read an article on the Blue Lagoon. I’d never heard of Iceland’s most famous attraction and the world’s largest thermal hotspot, I knew I had to go one day and little did I know that would be 2 ½ months later. When I bought my one-way ticket to Europe I noticed I have a 19 hour layover in Iceland and was thrilled to learn about Iceland’s flybus which charters buses to the city of Reyljavik [rei:ca,vi:k] where you can sign up for several excursions throughout Iceland! How could I be so lucky? Blue Lagoon here I come!

Path leading into the Blue Lagoon

It was even more wonderful than I imagined and because it was the first stop of my new life as an expat I was inundated with happiness and pride that I had made it! It reminded me just a little of visiting the Dead Sea in the Middle East but they are both splendid in there own right! For 8 years the Blue Lagoon has received the Blue Flag environmental recognition for natural beaches and marinas. I also learned the natural minerals found there do not provide an environment in which bacteria can thrive so no cleaning or disinfecting additives are required.

There is a floating bar located conveniently inside the relaxing silica waters

I’d heard that the locker rooms are European or just not American in the sense that you don’t change in private, after all isn’t that what a locker room is? One big changing room? While I can appreciate that this is a sensitive subject for some I had decided early on that I wasn’t going to let my conservative upbringing hinder me from letting go and just going with it. That’s right, the lucky women near my locker saw all my cash and prizes and I saw theirs.

I was unsure of what to bring with me from the locker room but since I had over 5 hours before my flight for Germany I knew I could go back in to return or to retrieve my camera and towel. They sure know what they are doing up there in the land of fire & ice, with magnetic wristbands given at entry that double as locker keys and a way to track your purchases such as spa treatments, drinks and food then as you exit from this haven of relaxation you can pay for all your extras. So easy!

Gull is the local Icelandic beer & oh so delicious!

I couldn’t resist having an Icelandic beer while soaking in the pearly blue water surrounded completely by lava fields and an endless cheerful sky. I couldn’t have asked for better weather, even though the sun was shining the temperature outside was 15 C°/ 61 F° and in the opal blue water it’s a warm & relaxed 38 C°/ 100 F°.

Enjoying the milky blue waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Located around the lagoon are large wooden boxes containing silica mud which apparently does wonders for the skin so I dabbed my face in the white substance, soaked in the sunshine, lounged in the hotspots and felt all my worries, aches and tensions melt away. I highly recommend the Blue Lagoon for any visit to Iceland.

Would you like to visit this natural world wonder?

7 comments on “Falling in Love with Iceland’s Most Famous Attraction

    • The beer was pretty amazing when you’re surrounded with the Blue Lagoons water and Iceland’s sunshine and lava fields!

  1. LOL! Thanks for the memories. The Blue Lagoon is a great tourist trap… but I went with my children and they were terrified of the color and thought the clay was gross. We had to leave almost immediately (in spite of the high entrance fee) and go searching for a “real” Sundlag (swimming pool) so that they could enjoy the rest of the day.

    For kids, I recommend enjoying all the very inexpensive public swimming pools, located in most of the towns of Iceland. My kids had a blast and we explored another swimming pool throughout the country almost everyday.

    Cheers Heather!!! LOVE your posts!

    • Oh no, that doesn’t sound wonderful at all. There were kids there that seemed to enjoy the mystery so it didn’t cross my mind that it would be a bad location for families until I saw your comment, although I can also imagine they can’t really swim or play in the water the way you can at a swimming pool and as a kid that would have really bummed me out too. I can only imagine how expensive that outing was only to turn right back out. Sorry it wasn’t as wonderful an experience as it could have been.

    • Absolutely! By the time I was done with my excursions I’d been awake & traveling for over 24 hours straight & fell right asleep. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly & it’s all because of you!

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