Enjoy the reflection of my life after arriving in Iceland

If Death is Inevitable then why isn’t Living?

It is just as common as the birth of a child and as inevitable as the sun’s rising each morning.

It is never easy to talk about death, but why?

As I wandered into the city of Hamburg, Germany alone this afternoon I was overcome by fear.

Fear that I would get lost; fear that I couldn’t talk to someone if I needed help, fear of being alone.

It was a graceful start, I found my way to the underground, I recognized the stop for Hamburg’s central train station and managed to track down the travel office so I could buy a ticket. While standing in line I imagined how I would express the anxiety I was experiencing, the humbling strangeness of my foreign surroundings.

I have considered myself an avid traveler for the past 6 years and while I was nervous before I left it was a naïve understanding of what it would be like to travel alone in a foreign country. I’ve forgotten how unnerving it is to be surrounded by people & still feel so far away from them because they are going about their everyday business all the while translating the chaos around them… I however, stand in total confusion wondering if I look as awkward as I feel.

I thought of how I could possibly portray that kind of out of body experience while portraying the jumbled array of emotions.

That is until I arrived back home & quickly learned about a late night shooting in Aurora, Colorado. I was born in Aurora, I have friends who are my family that live there & it serves as a reminder of how fragile life is.As I scrolled through my friends facebook statuses and news articles announcing the tragedy of 12 deaths and several injuries I am quickly reminded of a different kind of fear.

Fear of not living.

Fear of dying with regrets.

Fear of living with regrets.

I am reminded of an article written here by a fellow travel blogger a few weeks ago that touched me.

Each story is different but the moral is the same. LIVE.

Simply to live.

Enjoy the reflection of my life after arriving in Iceland

I feel today it is far more important for me to remind you of how freeing & content it is to live without fear of dying. To know if your life ended tomorrow that you would be happy with how you spent your time on earth.

The long list of excuses keeping you from your dreams will never end, sometimes I don’t think I have done my readers a service by encouraging travel, understating the journey it took for me to sell my belongings, move away from home and travel the world.

Even though I am living my dream, currently I am writing to you from a flat (apartment) in Germany and tomorrow I will be boarding a train to another city in another country there is still sacrifice. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss familiar surroundings but I don’t miss wondering what it would be like if I didn’t go at all.

It isn’t easy. The sacrifice, risk and unnerving experiences that led to living my dreams aren’t always pretty and they are seldom simple or effortless.

BUT the dedication is.

If you commit to living the life of your dreams you can live without fear of regret.

I am no expert. Hell! I’m less than a week into my life of traveling the world and I’ve already cried, my heart aches for my friends & family but so far it is still worth it.

Years ago my life was dark and miserable, I could have never imagined the confidence I have now, the life I am living now wasn’t in my faintest imagination. Even still, here I am.

I would encourage you to look at the life you are living. If you were suddenly taken away from this life only to remain as an observer, would you be content with how you lived?

If there is doubt in your mind, question yourself. Search for the unhappiness lurking in your soul and bring it into the light. Continue to ask what you truly desire in this life, then find out how to get it.

Where there is a will…. There is a way.


Find  out what you want and find a way to get it.


No excuses.

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