Elements of a Great Road Trip!

This week on BootsnAll they have asked us to talk about road trips, If given the choice for my mode of transportation I’m pretty sure my first pick would always be flight probably because you get further faster but everything about flying is thrilling to me.

But as fun as taking to the skies can be, its not always the fiscally wise decision and its better to put the pedal to the metal and hit the road!

The key to a great road trip is having good company, without awesome companions your destination, pit stops and scenery just won’t hold the same sense of delight. For example, how many friends do you have that can find adventure in shopping for…. ROCKS!?!

Another sign of a great road trip is refusing to settle for the ordinary (and sometimes boring) views, don’t let a single opportunity to make lasting memories go to waste, challenge yourselves to expose every aspect of your journey and your destination, don’t just lay down and take a picture.

The element of surprise. There can be a lot of lack luster when stuck in a form of slow travel like road tripping through the desert, sure the views are beautiful but they can put some straight to sleep, I just made a game of it and took photos as one by one each of my friends gave in to the serenading scenery! Try to make the most of each and every stop, while visiting four places at once we each approached our novelty snapshot in our own way!

Speaking of surprise, it can also be crucial to be prepared for anything, don’t forget about the importance of an emergency fund! Road trips in nature tend to leave you and your passengers vulnerable to possibly severe weather changes and mechanical mishaps that could leave you stranded in what surely makes a great setting to the next horror flick.

Sure, no one wants their hotel to resemble the iconic hallway from The Shining but it sure is nice to have easy going friends that can relax and enjoy less than fantastic accommodations and still have fun with it!

Where did you go on your favorite road trip?

What are your thoughts?