3 signs of my expat life

Each year I choose one little word instead of setting new years resolutions, I will be sharing my one little word for 2012 soon. My word for 2011 is Synergy and I have added it as one of my post topics to share with you the signs of synergy in my life of becoming an expat.


1) Passing my Statistics class! Unfortunately my drive for learning math is very limited & while I worked hard it wasn't my best work and there was a worry in my mind that I might not pass. This would have resulted in re-taking the class which is a time commitment I can live without & it would cost $550 to re-take it so I am thrilled to have that step finished. Now all I have to do is finish my thesis on the Rwandan genocide and I will be finished with my degree in Integrated Studies with my emphases in History & Political Science.

2) my Christmas gifts  This year I had pretty specific gift ideas that I wanted that would help my dreams of traveling come true including:

- I also would like to read Rolf Potts book Vagabonding. It's going to be one of the books to accomplish my birthday goals! I ordered it from an online thrift store and it came with a personalized message from a son to his mom. I wonder if it helped and where she is now.



- I wanted a scratch map but the one I found was too large to travel with me & I didn't think to look for one that was smaller or travel friendly and lucky me, my brother read my blog and found this one! I love my brother & my new map! I'm hoping he will start writing a monthly guest post, he is a very talented writer!


- I also got an external hard drive from my mother so I can start putting all the pictures, documents ect. on it to have a compy with me and leave one at home.

 3) It's almost 2012  and 2012 is going to be my year! This time next year I could be anywhere! I get asked a lot where I am going and at this point there are still a few loose ends that will play into where I go, so if I go straight to working overseas teaching english I will most likely be in South Korea but if I am able to travel a bit before needing a steady income then its anyones guess.

Still plenty more that needs to happen before I head out but every step little or small is one step closer to my dream!

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