The 15 Day International Travel Challenge Day 3

Day 3: An adventure/challenge you had while traveling or living abroad?

When I travel internationally I keep my passport in the safest, nearest place that is not physically on me and take copies of my passport with me instead. I haven’t personally had any problems however, my traveling buddy in England and France was not so lucky.

After being in London for a few days we had plans to travel through the Chunnel to Paris. (why not right?) After packing smaller bags for the overnight in Paris, putting our suitcases in the hostel storage we headed down the street and excitedly talking about what we wanted to do first in Paris. In a moment of inspiration I checked to see if I had my passport and then asked my friend to make sure he had his as well… he did not.

So we turned around and went back to the hostel in hopes that it would be there in his luggage. no such luck. So what do you do when you’re in a foreign country without a passport and supposed to be leaving in less than 2 hours? now I know.  You go to your countries embassy (finding it was a task in itself!). When we finally got there we saw a very long line and sighed that we were definitely going to miss our ride to Paris and that we would be standing in line all day while in London. not our idea of fun but hey, that’s traveling, you roll with the punches and make the best with what you’ve got. While trekking to the back of the line, a guard asked what nationality we were and after responding that we were America the guard informed us we didn’t have to wait in line. We get to walk right in. silver lining.

Once inside I worked on changing our tickets, or hostel reservations trying to figure out our next move while my friend reported his missing, filled out a new passport application, took a new photo, and was about to pay a lot of money for a new passport when the embassy was told the passport had been found on the metro.

Yep, my friend had his passport in his back pocket of his jeans and it had fallen out the night before on the metro. We quickly left the embassy and headed to the metro and rode it to the outskirts of the city, which ended up being a really nice ride and we got to see less touristy sights and instead got a feel of what it was like to have to commute in and out of the city like a local. Picked up his passport and then headed to the train station.

But… we got quite the consolation prize! this story has a happy ending!


I loved the stairs… luckily there was an elevator so I only admired them from the top and bottom.

We only had a reservation for one night but since we wanted to stay another day since we’d lost one to the passport fiasco and transportation so we needed to find somewhere to stay the second night. So after a night and a full day of exploring we were running out of time to find somewhere to stay, I’ll admit I got a little nervous as It started to get dark and we still hadn’t booked a room. We wanted to find a cheap place and finally found a room for ~$160 and this happened to be the view!


this was the veiw after a night of much needed rest… pretty close to perfect don'tcha think?

HPIM0867   HPIM0871

Of the thousands of lessons traveling has taught me one of them is that everything is an experience and if you can make the best out of unexpected situatons the universe often has something better for you in store!

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why I fell in love with my condo

When I was looking at places to live the idea of a condo or townehome seemed to fit me best but this was the first one that came with land, a charming backyard of my very own. It's very idealic and with a creek running through the backyard my heart melted and I made an offer. Through the years its changed a lot 

Unfortunately the past two years its flooded but never come into my house and this year the HOA decided to build in a drainage system and they are re-modeling all the backyards. They just started construction this week and I can hardly wait to see how great its going to look!

Backyard- 2 

Another huge plus with this condo was a fireplace. I've snuggled up next to it several times with friends, books, movies, blankets, and coffee. I told myself if I bought this condo I would put the fireplace to good use and I think I have. Although I will say decorating the mantle of my fireplace has been really fun and its always changing.


Right now its decorated with my collection of Matrushka (stacking) dolls from Russia

Although one of my favorite things to do is line up a bunch of tea light candles… I'm a candle girl!


hope you've enjoyed my home tour so far!

You can see more here. 

shoes optional is my kinda place!

Kyoto is one of my very favorite restaurants in Utah, they serve the best (and authentic) Japanese food. Kyoto and I go way back to first loves, anniversaries, birthdays and life events. Its one of Salt Lake’s better kept secrets but I still recommend making a reservation every time you never know if you’ll get a table otherwise. It's at 1080 E. and 1300 S. If you're ever in the Salt Lake area I highly recommend you stop by for a good eat.


L2R: my sister Sarah, Me, Lisa, Ryann, Brittany, Natalie and Victoria

 I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends and the food was almost as great!

You can't quite tell in this photo but the seating is even Japanese style, so you can either take your shoes off and sit cross-legged or you can sit the boring old american way. :)

and of course what would a birthday dinner be with out a sake toast??


Where do you go for special occasions?


a little birthday list…


25 before 26

I first learned of this idea from one of my very most favorite passionistas, Elsie Larson. She is (without a doubt) one of the most inspirational people I've ever had the pleasure to know (of). I used to dream of meeting her during my years in the scrapbook industry but through time we've both wandered from that industry. I have faithfully read her blog  A Beautiful Mess for 5 years, since 2006. We have different passions, but i've learned that passion in itself is contagious, instperational & motivational!

25 by 26

snapshot saturday: water holes in Kauai

This photo was taken a year ago (exactly a year ago this week!) in Kauai, Hawaii
We stopped at this little lake? pond? accumulation of water? (not sure what its technically called) in the mountians while hiking and there was a place to jump, not too high up, but it was so fun.
I think I'd choose to be a mermaid in another life!
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